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Academics » Meet Our Instructional Lab Facilitator

Meet Our Instructional Lab Facilitator

Mrs. Mandy Myers
Instructional Computer Lab Facilitator
I have been an employee here at KSE since 2007 and have always had a passion to help students excel academically. In 2011 I was given an opportunity to serve as our school's Instructional Lab Facilitator. It has been both a learning experience and a blessing to be able help students reach their academic goals on a deeper level. I help bear the responsibility of teaching our students along side their teachers with the help of technology. We live in a fast paced high tech world that revolves around computers and the internet. Before students can start the learning process in the lab, they must be taught the basic parts and operational functions of the computer. My job is to help make their learning experience both fun and exciting for them. The fact is, many students are exposed to computers and the internet for the first time through our Instructional Computer Lab. It is truly remarkable and rewarding for me to see how our students progress throughout the year under my leadership and instruction in the lab.