Krotz Springs Elementary School

Skip to main content “No Seafood” parish-wide policy in place. We have many students that have severe allergic reactions to seafood (whether inhalation, ingestation, or through contact). To protect and save lives on our campuses, please have all students adhere to the policy.
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Top AR Readers for the School Year - -
  1. Sydney K. – 125.7
  2. Jenna D. – 124.4
  3. Emily P. – 90.9
  4. Percy D. – 58.3
  5. Makayla B. – 42.1
  6. Jaslyn N. – 41.8
  7. Bryleigh D.– 39.5
  8. Karson D. – 38.5
  9. Tylor O. – 33.6
  10. Hannah R. – 33.5
  11. Brody M. – 30.4
  12. Haylee M. 28.5
  13. Ava F. – 27.0
  14. Kaitlyn B. – 27.0
  15. Kasey S. - 26.6
  • Join our class text group by texting the code @kse3 to 81010
  •        -
  •        - It will immediately send you a text back, please reply with your child's name.
  •         - This text group is created through an app; I will not see your number and you will not see mine.
  • $20.00 Supply Fees should be paid at the beginning of the school year. This avoids debuts at the end of the year and around field trips.
  • If you buy books from the Book Fair, check out books from the town library, or have books at home use the AR Book Finder ( ) website to check if they are AR testable books.  
  • If your child is allergic to any foods, you must send a doctors excuse to the school.
  • Absolutely NO Gum is allowed on campus!
  • Starting the 1st nine weeks Homework will be for a grade! Be mindful of our 100 point HW grade in spelling and reading, and the 50 point in English. For every assignment not turned in, turned in with no name, or not completed, your child will lose 3 points. These grades in Spelling, English, and Reading can help or hurt your child's average grade. 
  • Your child will receive conduct reports with test grades included EVERY week, return them signed asap.
  • Send agendas and study guides to school every day. We constantly add and remove to these two documents.