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Dress Code

carton girl in uniform waving Dress Code

All students in St. Landry Parish schools will be required to wear school uniforms. 

  1. Uniform tops shall consist of plain collared white or navy polo shirts, with no logo, either short or long sleeved.  All shirts must be tucked in at the student’s waist.  All shirts must be long enough to remain tucked when seated.  An undershirt may be worn under the uniform top. The undershirt must be WHITE, and the sleeve cannot be longer than the sleeve length of the uniform top.  Cold Weather exception: When temperatures are below 50 degrees, white, black, or gray crewnecks are allowed under the uniform shirt. 
  1. Uniform bottoms shall consist of traditional, straight leg, dark khaki or navy cotton twill pants or walking shorts with a finished hem (side slits on hems are not allowed).  Uniform bottoms must fit at the waist and crotch and be within one (1) size of student’s actual waist/inseam measurement.  No cargo pockets or flaps on back pockets are allowed on uniform bottoms.  Bell-bottoms, boot cut, carpenter/cargo style pants, hip-huggers or jeans of any color and/or type are NOT ALLOWED. Brand name emblems on uniform bottoms may not exceed 1” to 2” in size.  All uniform bottoms must have a waistband with belt loops.  Walking shorts shall not be more than four (4) inches above the back crease or the knee.  SAGGING OF THE UNIFORM BOTTOM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Girls’ bottoms- In addition to the above uniform bottoms, traditional style uniform jumpers and skirts will be allowed and must have a finished hem and shall not be more than four (4) inches above the back crease of the knee.  All items of clothing must be worn as intended by design.  Allowable colors are dark khaki and navy.  Overalls are NOT permitted. Stone, white or dark brown uniform bottoms are NOT ALLOWED. Dark khaki/navy blue skorts are allowed for Pre-k-2nd grade.
  1. Socks & Shoes – SOCKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.  They must be Solid white, navy, black or brown with no emblem or logo. Crew length socks must COVER THE ANKLE AND BE VISIBLE ABOVE THE SHOE. Students must wear a closed shoe (front and back). Sandals, clogs, flip-flops, slippers, or other similar types of shoes are not allowed. (This includes CROCS) Shoes must be laced and tied; Velcro straps must be secured.
  1. Outerwear – Sweatshirt – must be waist length with a tight, ribbed elastic bottom,   must be plain, solid colored black, white, heather gray, dark navy blue, or dark brown with NO EMBLEM, LOGO, OR MARKING. Students can wear a sweatshirt in the optional school color with school logo. Lightweight Jacket/windbreaker (with or without hood)/Coat – All outerwear, except for sweatshirts, must zip, button, or snap from top to bottom and must not be longer than upper mid-thigh.  Outerwear must be plain , solid-colored in black, white, khaki, heather gray, or dark navy blue with NO EMBLEM, LOGO, OR MARKING ; however, jackets in the optional school color with school logo and school-issued jackets are permitted.
  1. Belts—A BLACK, BROWN, KHAKI, OR NAVY BLUE belt must be worn or a plain belt with a buckle not larger than 2” x 3”. Pre-K through 2nd grade students may wear uniform bottoms with an elastic waistband without having to wear a belt.