Krotz Springs Elementary School

Skip to main content “No Seafood” parish-wide policy in place. We have many students that have severe allergic reactions to seafood (whether inhalation, ingestation, or through contact). To protect and save lives on our campuses, please have all students adhere to the policy.
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Early Dismissal Schedule

Early Dismissal Schedule 2016-17 Early Dismissal Schedule for 12:30
(Sept. 21st, Oct. 19th, Dec. 14th, Feb. 1, 2017, Mar. 8th
Pre-K - 4th will follow their regular morning schedule or may deviate according to instructional need.
5th - 8th Grade classes will meet according to the following schedule below:
Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
1st Period 7:50 AM 8:15 AM 25 min
2nd Period 8:17 AM 8:45 AM 28 min
3rd Period 8:47 AM 9:15 AM 28 min
4th Period 9:17 AM 9:45 AM 28 min
5th Period 9:47 AM 10:15 AM 28 min
6th Period 10:17 AM 10:45 AM 28 min
7th Period 10:47 AM 11:15 AM 28 min
Lunch (Pre-K - 4th) 10:25 AM 11:05 AM 40 min
Lunch (4th - 8th) 11:10 AM 12:20 PM 70 min
All Return to Home Room 12:23 PM
All Dismiss 12:30 PM